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How To Wrap a Mini Fridge Stain glass design Rm wraps

This video is about how to install the mini fridge wrap on a mini fridge.

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How to measure your mini fridge

How to install a mini fridge wrap "Mini fridge door wrap"

Custom Design Mini Fridge wrap Full service Package "Gas pump design"

How to install a Mini Fridge

00:00 | Hello!
03:55 Installing the body wrap
15:05 installing the door wrap

Full-Service Wraps
Don’t have the time for a DIY wrap? Just looking for a done product out-of-the-box? We can pick up the slack.

For our Full-Service projects we do more than just printing. RM wraps can handle the Ordering and Shipping logistics, Design, Printing, Wrapping, and End-Delivery to your door - all you have to do is unbox your product and set it up!

What do you want us to wrap? Is it a mini-fridge - if so, what model? Is it a desk - if so, what model?
The design you want - is it one we already have designed, do you need us to design something new, or are you going to design it?
What’s your budget and time frame?

We strive to be as transparent as possible - from the tools and materials we use, to detailed cost breakdowns and shipping times. We also strive to keep you up-to-date as your project moves forward from ordering through production and finally shipping, including use of Youtube live streaming and Bonjoro personalized videos.

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Randy Miller
[email protected]

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