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10 Paused Simpsons Moments Everyone Missed

These Simpsons Scenes Are Even Crazier Paused
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The Simpsons has always been one of the smartest TV shows on the air. Sure, it might not have the same spark as it once did, but there is no denying that it paved the way for a ton of shows that came after it, and rewatching the old seasons is always a good idea. What we never realized, however, is just how much is hidden within every frame of the iconic show, and how there are more secrets contained within it than we could have ever known!
Aside from that fact that we know that The Simpsons has predicted the future more times than we can count, the hidden gags and secret messages contained within the animation of the show have to be seen to be believed! And sometimes, it takes pausing at exactly the right moment to realize just how crazy it all is. Whether it’s a secret line of code that spells out a hidden message, or an entire movie contained in clips spread out over the seasons, these easter eggs are always mind blowing! Sometimes it’s a secret celebrity cameo that comes with a ton of conditions, and others it’s a song that predicted the next ten years of Simpsons episodes. There is a recurring number that will blow your mind when you find out about it, and so, so much more. Check out the video below for all of the insane details about the hidden secrets of The Simpsons.


Homer’s Hair
Frink Rules!
Hidden Gags
Four Finger Discount
McBain Surprise
A Hidden Guest Star
Krusty Klues
Clip Show

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