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Why You Should Cut Bread Upside Down (+ 40 Other Surprises)

As technology is getting more and more advanced, we're getting quicker at learning new things. But sometimes we tend to learn the wrong things as accepted practice. You'll be surprised to find out that some of the everyday things you're used to doing on a daily basis, turn out to be wrong. Here're 40+ things you can do more effectively.

For example, the best way to slice bread is upside down. This way you start on the tougher side and the loaf doesn't get squashed. One more lifehack is to wait till bread cools down. Let's learn how to get a perfect loaf of bread. More useful tricks and lifehacks are coming your way.

Microwave Pasta 00:00
BLT Sandwich 00:40
Best Way To Slice Bread 00:53
Separating Pomegranate 02:12
Trash Bag 02:58
Right Way To Eat A CupCake 03:38
Cross Out Words 04:51
How to Pack Suitcase 05:40
How To Cut a Watermelon 06:30
Easiest Way To Eat A Mango 07:45
Activated Bamboo Charcoal 08:36


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