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Shining Fates Release Day Opening! ALL the Tins! (Brand New Pokémon TCG Set!)

Shining Fates is FINALLY out and that means we can open some. YAY! Come see!

Best New Decks Shining Fates:
Top 10 Shining Fates:
Full Shining Fates Set List:
Shining Fates Heavily Allocated:
Shining Fates Preorder Guide:
Shining Fates Revealed:
Shining Fates Update:

Shining Fates Low Allocation Explained:
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Genius Way to Stop Scalpers:
Busiest Ever Day in Pokémon:
Big Restock Coming:
McDonald's Pokemon Update - Qs Answered:
Full McDonald's Pokémon TCG Setlist revealed:
Pokemon World Championships Postponed:
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Team-Up Reprint Coming:
Wally & Lusamine Unbanned:
Pikachu Promos Update:
New McDonald's Promotion Coming:
New Promo Pokémon V Coming:

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