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TENET Explained: What Really Happened To Neil At The End

TENET Explained: What Really Happened To Neil At The End. We breakdown and explain Neil's final mission purely from his POV at the end of Christopher Nolan's 2020 movie Tenet. There will be heavy spoilers here so please avoid the video if you haven't had a chance to watch the movie yet.

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0:00 Introduction
0:37 Neil’s Timeline And Alternate Theories
2:06 Neil’s Final Mission Explained
5:00 Tenet Quantum Immortality

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Tenet: final lockpick scene from Neil's point of view (inverted) here -

TENET || Gate Scene || 3D Breakdown with Theory here -

Neil's journey at the end of Tenet is arguably one of the most confusing plot points in the entire film and seeing things from the character's point of view is the only way to really understand what happened and why.

Throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down the journey that he ended up going on through the use of reversed footage and the 3D animation to discuss what happens. We'll also be going over the theory of Quatum immortality and how the characters in some way live forever due to theoretical physics.

Now if this is your first time here, Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul now let's go back to the future as we breakdown Neil's Journey.

Ok so Neil joins the Protagonist in India and follows him on his journey to both the future and present as he tries to stop Sator. For the final mission at Stalsk-12 he is seperated into the blue team but after noticing that the entrance to the hypocentre is booby trapped he reverts himself and ends up rescuing both Ives and The Protagonist from and explosion that happens at the base's core.

Now during this mission to the hypocentre The Protagonist and Ives encounter a locked door but this is opened by an unknown soldier seconds before being shot in the head.

After the mission is completed it's revealed that this is actually Neil and after he says that he will be the one to go back and unlock the door meaning that his fate is sealed and that we know the character died.

Now ever since doing my Neil timeline video I've had numerous people argue with me about the events of what Neil did and whether it the way we watch the film is the way that things happen.

Now personally I believe that Neil saved the Protagonist and Neil and then went off on the Helicopter with Ives which took him back to the base and he then inverted once more, went back out with the blue team and then unlocked the door.

However Twitter user Anecdote Trance sent me an edited version of my timeline in which they said that Neil went on the helicopter and actually ended up going through the entirety of the movie which is what we see and it was he who unlocked the door. I think this theory kinda falls apart...

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