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Husky Meets New Retriever Puppy!! [CUTEST REACTION EVER!!]

Soooo hello everyone! First of all this is NOT our new puppy lol. It’s our friends new puppy and they wanted to help socialise the dog as much as possible to teach him the most important things dogs need at this at. Socialisation. I knew for sure millie our husky would love this so much. Her maternal instincts around all baby animals is the most beautiful thing in the world. Since she had puppies around 7 years ago her maternal instincts always remained. It’s so beautiful to see how happy and energetic she is around them yet so gentle!! Makes me so happy seeing this!! How cute is he haha!! Tommorow we will post Lolas reaction too that was just as cute too!!! Hope this makes you all smile. Thanks for watching. Love you all! Ps. Go follow them on Instagram!!....

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