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#AryanInvasionTheory - The tool of Western enslavement | Nilesh Oak and Sanjay Dixit

Aryan Invasion Theory is the principal tool of creating division among the various sections of Indians. Initially designed as a linguistic theory, it was carried over to establishing claims of Aryans as an invading race, that banished the Dravidians, to Biblical Mosaic Ethnology that used it to claim Aryans as a superior Japhetic race that came to India to civilize the Hamitic natives. These parallel narratives were used, on the one hand, to create North-South divisions, Caste divisions, and even race narratives; and on the other hand to establish the superiority of the West. It was also used to assert the Biblical chronology in the face of mounting repudiation of Biblical myths with the evidence of an ancient civilisation pre-dating Bible. To compound the fraud, no proof was ever submitted to prove the theory. It was just a speculation by linguists that was given the name of 'Theory'. None of the elements of a Theory were ever satisfied. Jaipur Dialogues has even instituted an award of Rs. 2 Cr for anyone who can scientifically prove the alleged Theory.

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