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Disney Princes As Harry Potter Characters

What These Disney Princes Look Like Transformed Into Harry Potter Characters!

Hey, TheThings fans! What do Disney Princes and the boys of Harry Potter have in common? Yes - their magic - but also that fact that we’ve been totally obsessed with them since we were young. So what better way to celebrate them, and our love for them, than by doing one big mashup?

That’s why in this video we’re taking your favorite Disney Princes and reimagening what they would like as the boys of Hogwarts...and Viktor Krum.

Get ready to watch your favorite Disney Princes strutting the hallways of Hogwarts and heading to the Quidditch pitch. Who will make it as the star seeker?

See which Disney Prince will be joining Slytherin as Draco Malfoy and which Prince is destined to become ‘The Chosen One’- also known as Harry Potter.

You’ll be seeing big names in this video like Prince Eric, Prince Naveen, and even the very charming Flynn Rider. These transformations also wouldn’t have been possible without including Harry Potter characters like Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Cedric Diggory.

So sit back, relax, and watch our very talented artist bring real magic to your screen.

Make sure to tell us what houses you think these Disney Princes would be sorted into and who their female counterparts and Hogwarts would be! While you’re here, consider giving this video a thumbs up and hitting that subscribe button! That way you’ll always be up to date with everything TheThings has to offer. We can’t wait to see you in another video. Thanks for watching!

🎨 Art Created by: Emma G | @ekg.arts


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Written by: Alyssa Goulart
Narrated by: Mia Jabara
Edited by: Emma G

For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]

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