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House of Pain - Earthquake


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Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature.
Tommy Boy:

House of Pain:

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(Yes yes ya'll)
(Cause I'm so fly)
(Everlast be the apple of your Earth's eye)

[Verse 1: Everlast]
I be breakin' the laws, breakin' the laws
All you wannabe hard rocks just pause
It's the MC host
Space ghost from the coast
With piggish white skin
Kid, where you been
I got a blue eye
But my title ain't devil
I freak harmonies
Like my brothers was Neville
And I could rock
A 3 day old style
Eatin' cold crawdad stew
So whachya wanna do
I'm comin real soon
To a theatre near you
So why dont you critique me
While I'm live on stage
Cause I'm gonna break my
Rusty cage, my rusty cage
Watch the way I freak it
When I bust my gauge
Cause all that loud gun talk
It don't mean squat
If my tool gets hot
I'm a burst your knot
And give it all I got
Up in your wisdom slot
And Cutty Ranks
Couldn't stop her
From callin me poppa
Big daddy draw dropper
Mr. Heartbreaker
She leaves Mary Poppins
But she comes home Seka

Yes yes ya'll
Cause I'm so fly (so fly)
Everlast be the apple of your Earth's eye
Yes yes ya'll
Cause we dont fake (dont fake)
And he's down to come to feel your earthquake

[Verse 2: Divine Styler]
Socalize a little somethin'
And you sweatin' my style
Challenge my world
You wanna shell my mix
You wanna sit with my flesh
And recognize the test
Ya never seen this niggers best
So mesmerize, your nest
I hit your head with styles that are liquid
You drip this
Sweat this
Perspired is desired, this wetness
You get from Divine Style
Spark this girl, chill
I see you got the love, the lust
So why don't you live my cosmos exodus
To my precious
I'm a undress my message
Into my wisdom body
To my wisdom method
You need a star for your crescent
I god-ed the alphabets
For your atmosphere
My (a) dope mathamatics
Will soak you like Insincere
Uh, baby
For my apparatus
I do the justice to your physical
Anoint your aider
Never spendin your nobler
A hard style at stages
While the guard be sparkin that indo seed
The Earth pieces be increasin
That need to be pleased
I represent the illest villans
And the worst of bad breeze
Ah baby
If you wanna next my vision
You better come with subject of vision
I keep it real live
Keep it real straight
To the Earthly
Feel these style Earthquake

Chorus (x 2)

[Verse 3: Everlast]
My love's stronger than pride
My loves thicker than blood
My killer squad's in effect
Nobodys livin off HUD
If your missile's a scud
I'll run a patriot gig
I'll have you flippin your wing
I'll put the clip in my ZIG
And cock the hammer back
Click Clack
Put a hole in your back
The size of a plum
You can come git some
But my attitude shitty
Like G Gordon Liddy
Take pity on a child
That's been raised in the city

[Verse 4: Divine Styler]
Chill- From East to West
To maintain my rep
So many times
To assume my flow
I go mono, stereo
Or solo
You never know
Choose a flow
And I'll throw the phattest atom
I'm so hot, and so law
And so far from the plan
I reflectulate this drama for the ladies
That be scannin
My composition de-circlar
Hurtin the madd opposition

Chorus (x 2)

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