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How to Shoot, Edit, Publish 360 Video w/ GoPro MAX & ALL 360 CAM | the Ultimate Premiere VR Guide

Today, I will show you from start to finish how to shoot, stitch, import, edit, render and publish your first 360 video onto YouTube, Facebook and sideload it onto Oculus Go or Oculus Quest with your GoPro MAX or other 360 Cameras like Insta360 ONE X2, ONE R, Kandao Qoocam 8K, GoPro Fusion, Vuze XR, Insta360 Pro 2 and etc.

Chapter List:
3:25 - How to capture 360 with GoPro MAX
5:34 - How to import 360 with GoPro Player (Mac) or Gopro Max Exporter (PC)
6:35 - Edit 360 like a PRO with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
12:37 - 360 Cut orientation and transition
14:55 - Objects removal with Photoshop
17:27 - Color grading and color matching between different 360 cameras
18:50 - How to insert graphics, texts, logos in 360 video
19:57 - Export settings and publish on to YouTube and Facebook

📜GoPro MAX tutorial series -
Part 1: GoPro FX Reframe:
Part 2: *Adv. Vlogging on GoPro MAX:
Part 3: Fly GoPro MAX on DJI Drone - aerial 360 with MAX:
Part 4: Shoot, edit and publish 360 Video with GoPro MAX:
Part 5: Edit GoPro MAX on Oculus Quest:
Part 6: GoPro FX Reframe updates & Easy Ease Keyframing workflow:
Part 7: GoPro FX Reframe 2nd Camera SECRET - EPIC snowboarding editing technique:
Part 8: GoPro FX Reframe in Adobe After Effects - VFX in 360:
Part 9: Cinematic LUTs for GoPro MAX:

Get GoPro MAX here:
Get the smallest GoPro mount:

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