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Making a wooden eagle head out of Norwegian birch wood

In this video i am turning a piece of birch wood into an eagle head wood carving. It was a fun project and i am pretty sure i will make another sculpture in my next art project!

State of the channel: I am at 13,000 subscribers right now, that is fantastic! thank you to all of you. I am able to reach my goal of making one new video a week at the moment and i have already started thinking about what to make in the next video. (i have a long term goal this year to reach 100,000 subscribers, but it will be a challenge)

I invested in some "super sculpey" clay yesterday and i am looking forward to try to sculpt some kind of fierce animal head out of that.

Tell me what you want to see me making in my next video and i will check it out.

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Tools used:
Bandsaw: Rec BS350 Bandsaw
Dremel: Dremel 3000 (with a flexible shaft attachment)
Merlin2 Mini grinder with a Tungsten Carbide Coarse Disc attached.

Dremel bits:
- 1/4" Inch sanding drum
- 1/2" inch sanding drum
- Round carbide bit
- Fine diamond bur

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