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The ultimate guide to speaking kiwi! In this video I speed through 110 New Zealand slang words in just 5 minutes so that you can speak like a real kiwi (New Zealander)! Video is subtitled in English in case my New Zealand accent makes things a little tricky to follow! If you would like another kiwi slang video or for me to show you some funny kiwi phrases or classic New Zealand sayings, please let me know by commenting below!

To go further, a great NZ English dictionary can be found here:

Crack-up = funny
Kiwi = New Zealanders (Also a native bird)
Sweet As / mint / primo = Cool or Awesome
No Worries / All good = It's OK / Not a Problem
She'll be Right = It’ll be fine
Jandals = Flip Flops / Thongs
Thong = G-String underwear
Tomato Sauce / T-sauce = Ketchup
Yeah, nah = No, thank you
Nah, yeah = Yes
Yeah, nah, yeah = Also yes
Cuz / bro / cuzzy bro = friend / mate
Knackered / Rooted / Stuffed / buggered = Exhausted
Long Drop = Small outhouse over a pit, with no flushing mechanism
Jumper = Pull Over / Fleece / Sweater
Hori = trashy
Rank = disgusting
Skux / Skux deluxe = Young male who dresses well to attract the ladies
Cool bro = really cool
Cool story bro = Not a cool story
GC = Good c-u-n-t
Stubbies = Beer cans or short-shorts for men
Dairy = Corner Store
Chur / chur bro = cheers / thank you
Piss = alcohol
Take the piss = tease / mock
OTP = on the piss = getting drunk
Piss head = someone who like the drink
Piece of piss = easy
Piss up = opportunity to drink
Wop-Wops = Middle of nowhere
Tu Meke = Awesome, good job
Waka = Maori word for boat/canoe
Land waka = bus
Loose unit = someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing
Not Even = Not true / doubt it
Ow = gives the phrase more emphasis like not even ow
Gawk = stare
Gumboots = waterproof boots
Red Bands = iconic gumboots made in NZ
Heaps = Lots
Bogan = unsophisticated person
Westie = Bogan from West Auckland
JAFA = just another F’n Aucklander
Squiz = Take a look - "Here let me have a squiz".
Hard out / Hard = I totally agree!
'P’ = Methamphetamine/Ice aka NZ hard drug of choice
Dear / pricey = expensive
Pretty = good looking / quite
Munted = Broken / Not Working / Damaged
Munter = Dumb person
Suss = To investigate, short for suspect - "I need to suss it out first" or "he does look a bit suss"
Chocka / Chocka block = Full or overflowing "the bus is chocka block today!"
Bach (pronounced BATCH) = A holiday home.
Crib = Those in the South Island refer to a Bach as a Crib
Togs = Swimsuit
Eh? = What? Pardon?
Eh = Don’t you think?
FOBs = Fresh of the boat (immigrants, also used by Pacific islanders)
Ware Whare = The Wharehouse department store chain
Chilly bin = eskie/cool insulated bin
Scull = drink without stopping
Hard case = Funny/witty person
A feed = a meal
Angus = someone who has anger issues
Hungus = someone who is always hungry
Faaaa = far out
As = Really (emphasizes previous adjective): Cool as, cheap as, hungry as
Shot = well done / thank you
Honest to G = I swear
Gizza = Give me
Geez = have a look
Sad guy = uncool / mean person
Stink = not very nice
Stink fulla = Not very nice person
Floaties = pieces of food floating in your drink
Pack a sad = sulk
Mean as / choice = awesome!
Straight up = telling the truth
Hiding = beating “wanna hiding bro?”
Ratshit = sucks
Dole = unemployment benefit
Undies = underwear
Grundies = dirty undies
Lolly = sweet / candy
Kumara = sweet potato
Capsicum = bell pepper
Op shops = second-hand stores (opportunity shops)
Bum bag = fanny pack
Tiki tour = look around
Carked it = broke / died
Pakeha = fair skinned / European
Tramping = hiking
Judder bar = speed bump
Ute – small pickup truck
Chunder = vomit
Shame = how embarrassing
Dag = funny person
Scab = scrounging, asking for food or money.
Sesh = smoking marijuana
Smoko = tea break
Wag = be a truant
Pottle = punnet
Rej = reject / loser
Ranga = someone with ginger hair
Egg = dickhead
Boy-racer = young hoon driving around in a souped up car, often found in P. North
Chuddy = chewing gum
Cruddy = run down

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