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Death Note But Really Really Fast - Animation

---Spoilers for the entirety of Death Note's Anime---

This is my designated Halloween video for the year... Happy Halloween?

Although I've never really mentioned it in writing, I've always had a mindset making Halloween and April Fools videos every year: Making something "Weird or different", April Fools being something goofy, Halloween being something "Spoopy*"... With a very very bold asterisk.

This Halloween, as I'd recently rewatched Death Note, I had the idea to make the above video, as it's about "Death", so, spoopy, haha. A loose connection, but a connection nonetheless... That being said, I really enjoyed making it, and, rather notably, it's a reusable format, I think it'd be fun to make more "But Really Really Fast" videos in the future. If anybody reading this has any suggestions I'd like to hear them down below, I've got my own personal ideas I'll want to work towards too.

Oh, I mentioned this to my Patrons but I should probably mention it here too: BPA took a quick week's break so that I had something "Halloween-y" to post for the month of October, production for that animation will be resuming again as of now. Thanks for your patience!

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