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time speed and distance/problem based on train, SSC/DSSSB/RAILWAY GROUP D/BANK PO/ CTET/ RRB

Time, speed and distance/ problems based on trains, ssc,dsssb, bank, railways group d, ctet, htet, rrb

दोस्तो नमस्कार,
आज की वीडियो का विषय है : Train based problems, speed ,time and distance
Train problems:- Train problems form an interesting portion of the time-distance problems. The train problems are a bit different then the regular problems on the motion of the objects. As a result of the length of the trains, many interesting train problems originate . Here we will learn certain tricks and see the various forms of the train problems.
Due to the small size of the car and other objects we take them as point object. Since the size of trains is comparable to the distance. That they may travel, then we will have to take the size or length of the trains into account too.
The same formulae that we saw already are applicable here too. Here we shall see some examples of this concept and then learn some tricks from other examples.

इकाई समय में किसी वस्तु द्वारा जितनी दूरी तय की जाती है, वह उस वस्तु की चाल कहलाती है
चाल = तय की गई दूरी/ दूरी तय करने में लगा समय
दूरी = चाल × समय
समय = दूरी/ चाल
K. M. Hour को मीटर/सेकेंड में बदलने के लिए 5/18 से गुना करते हैं
मीटर / सेकेंड को k. M. Per hour में बदलने को 18/5 से गुना करते हैं
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