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Danganwrestling 5: Special Edition (Danganronpa x WWE) (VOICE ACTING!)

WARNING: This video contains major spoilers for Danganronpa 1!

If you want to catch up on the Danganwrestling series, you can check out the other episodes here:

For more information, check out

Episode Preview:
The long-awaited class trial. The anime-wrestling crew is put to the ultimate test in crowning the Danganwrestling champion, the title given to blackened murderer of Junko Enoshima. Guest lawyer Athena Cykes has her work cut out for her as Kirigiri lays on a relentless assault against Athena’s client, Goldust. Was it really Goldust? Maybe Triple H? Did John Cena’s love of anime morph into murderous hate? Also, a stunning revelation has the Danganwrestling crew cornered in despair. Luckily someone is coming…someone is coming to SAVE US.

Three months in the making, and in celebration of the 1-year anniversary of Danganwrestling, Danganwrestling 5 Special Edition is here!

Remade from the ground up, this update of the original Danganwrestling 5, the Class Trial, features upgraded visuals, new scenes, and FULL VOICE ACTING.

This was all made possible by a wonderfully talented group of voice actors! Please check 'em out!

Kyoko Kirigiri voiced by SyndalKin/Rebirthen

Monokuma, Goldust, and Paul Heyman voiced by KoVox

Sagat and Stardust voiced by Majinboo0111

Athena Cykes voiced by Guildencrantz

John Cena and Chris Jericho voiced by R.J. O'Connell

Mark Henry voiced by Patman

Aoi Asahina voiced by ManicWednesday

Toko Fukawa/Genocider and Alter Ego voiced by JKL

Junko Enoshima voiced by Leo/kanedere

Triple H and Sakura voiced by Zillah

Special Thanks to Mark Gonzales

And with this, I'll be moving on to new projects. Danganwrestling has been a ton of fun, and I learned a lot doing it. I never expected it to be even remotely popular, but you guys proved that wrong! If you enjoyed Danganwrestling, and you want to see more weird crazy stuff, be sure to share the series with your friends! Whether they like Danganronpa or wrestling or whatever, spread the word!

If you're interested in my future projects follow, and subscribe here if you'd like!

Scene Selection:
00:22 - Episode Introduction
03:20 - Class Trial, Part 1
05:59 - Non-Stop Debate 1
06:51 - Class Trial, Part 2
08:40 - Non-Stop Debate 2
09:37 - Class Trial, Part 3
12:06 - Non-Stop Debate 3
12:47 - Class Trial, Part 4
15:11 - Non-Stop Debate 4
15:37 - Class Trial, Part 5
20:12 - Non-Stop Debate 5
21:03 - Class Trial, Part 6
22:34 - Non-Stop Debate 6
23:20 - Class Trial, Part 7
26:40 - Thought Route
28:06 - Class Trial, Part 8
30:35 - Climax Inference
33:23 - Class Trial, Part 9
39:14 - Cross Examination 1
41:09 - Cross Examination 2
42:59 - Cross Examination 3
46:11 - Class Trial, Part 10
48:38 - Monokuma Vote
49:45 - Execution
51:47 - Class Trial, End
58:41 - The End
01:02:08 - Credits

You can download the credits music, "Fandango 15" here:

This is a Danganronpa parody.

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