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Take a Journey with the PokeBros Division! Pokemon Trading Cards (and just that!) - no jibber jabber! Follow us as we invest in boosters, boxes and special collectors packs with the intent to obtain the rarest, most valuable cards! Subscribe for more Pokemon Card Booster Box Videos!

Whats your favourite set? Comment below!
Sword and Shield - Astral Radiance, Evolving Skies, Lost Origins, Chilling Reign, Brilliant Stars and more!

No pre-amble - straight to the unveiling!

Pokemon Master Essentials
Lost Origin Booster Box
Evolving Skies Boosters
Astral Radiance Booster
Brilliant Stars
Premium Ultra Clear Sleeves
Trading Card Penny Sleeves - Thick Sleeves
Premium Black Sleeve Protectors
Player Trainer Playmat
Player Trainer Playmat (Black)
Player Trainer Deluxe Red & White Playmat
Binders Premium 400
Binder Premium 900

Collectors Items
Zeraora VMAX VSTAR Battle Box
Arceus V Figure Collection Box
Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection
Kleavor VSTAR Collection Box
Lucario VSTAR Premium Collection
Boltund V Box

Premium Collectors Items
Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection
Pokemon Blastoise-Gx Premium Collection Box
Reshiram & Charizard GX Premium Collection
Pikachu & Zekrom GX Premium Collection
Pikachu and Zekrom-GX Premium Collection
Shining Legends Premium Powers Collection

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