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Roxy Music - Virginia Plain (Headman Rework Dub) [Limited ed. 7"]

Limited edition 7" Vinyl :
BUY on Bandcamp: https://headmanrobiinsinna.bandcamp.com/album/reworks


Headman/ Robi Insinna has done many remixes over the years aside from his Headman and Manhead projects and running Relish. He always liked reinterpreting classic tracks that inspired him or that he was a fan of. Ranging from the mid 70's to the early 80's, this album features a handful of classics Reworked. Roxy Music hails from an era that started shaping the late 70's avant-garde scene. it turns to Italo Disco classics like Klein M.B.O. and N.O.I.A., essential to the formation and inspiration for bands like New Order. Synth-Punk group The Units with the High Pressure Days Rework through to electronic-afro-funk of The Unknown Cases over to Swiss artist Stephan Eicher from Grauzone fame.

Reworks features tracks that are soft-spots for Robi, and have inspired him to produce his own music. He tries to keep as much of the original as possible, slightly updating and adapting to modern-day dance floors. The essence, intended to be kept alike and preserved.

A rework of Fred Ventura kicks off the album, it’s featured on the limited edition 7” Vinyl, originally produced by the Godfathers of Italo Disco, Turatti and Chieregato over 30 years ago. N.O.I.A.’s hit from the early 80’s is reworked to produce a tune that’s current to todays dance floors. One of John Peel’s favorites of 83’, The Unknown Cases sweeps in – the rework was released on Relish EP V Vinyl in 2014, an afro/cosmic treasure in Robis vinyl collection. Headman’s Dub of The Units follows; Robi first heard this on a Baldelli mix from the early 80’s, since then it’s become one of his favorite tracks. The Units were the corner stone of an unofficial movement, later called “synth punk” and which would come to define a greater west coast DIY culture combining new synthetic sounds. The next Rework is from Klein & M.B.O. “Dirty talk” fame. The anticipators of New Orders early 80’s sound.

RIS Remix dates from 2004, it was a classic Italo Disco hit that inspired and shaped the sound of Headman, Manhead and Relish. Gina X, and her 1979 release No G.D.M. gets a 2016 Headman rework. His first remix was released in 2003 on Gigolo. The second half also features a rework of Grauzone’s Stephan Eicher’s hit Nice. This was a very important rework for Robi, being a Swiss national and a big fan of Grauzone and Stephan Eicher. Swiss all girl punk band Kleenex wrote and performed Nice originally. The next release came out on Roxy Music’s 2006 Roxy
Music Remix project album, Headman’s rework Dub was unreleased to this date, and is also featured on the very limited edition 7”, to be released in conjunction with the album. This mix was done with the most respect for the original sounds and instrumentals; to hear them all separated was exciting and at the same time a challenge. The album closes off with another reworked dub of State of Art, formed in 1981, an Italian New wave band out of Milan and the former Band of Fred Ventura.

"LP sounds really great!" (Trevor Jackson)
"Love the Gina X!" (Mark Moore)

Headman / Robi Insinna Reworks will be out on Relish as limited edition 100 x 7" Vinyl + digital on the 24th June.

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