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Tadpoles turning into frogs Stages How to catch them Wisconsin Bullfrog Pets Ponds Metamorphosis

A frog goes through five stages of life. ... Metamorphosis is another word for the changes an animal makes during its life cycle. During a frog's metamorphosis, an egg will hatch into a tadpole, which will then develop back legs first, then front legs, and become a full grown adult frog!


Bullfrog: "The American bullfrog, often simply known as the bullfrog in Canada and the United States, is a large true frog native to eastern North America. It typically inhabits large permanent water bodies such as swamps, ponds, and lakes." - wikipidia

Greenfrog: "Physical Description - Adults of this species generally range from 54 to 90 mm (2 to 3.5 in) in length. Dorsal coloration is highly variable but is typically green or brown with obscure brown spots or blotches. The ventrum is white and occasionally marked with dark spots particularly in the young. Blue-colored specimens have been found; these specimens lack yellow pigment. Throats of males may be bright yellow. Males also possess a larger tympanum and stouter forelegs and thumbs than females. In both sexes the dorsal lateral fold only extends to the middle of the back; it does not reach the groin. Young specimens typically have small dark dorsal spots and mottled ventrum. Tadpoles are 74 to 100 mm in length with a body to tail ratio of 1:1.8. Tail fin is darkly mottled. Body may have a few dark spots. The intestinal coil is not visible. The oral disc is strongly emarginated with large, flattened, heavily pigmented papillae. The upper jaw is slightly cuspate with labial tooth rows 2/3.

Historical versus Current Distribution - The range of Green Frogs (Lithobates clamitans) encompasses most of the eastern United States, from the Canadian border south to the Gulf of Mexico. Green frogs occur almost everywhere east of a line drawn from central Minnesota south through central Iowa, southeast through Missouri (excluding the northwestern corner), and south through central Oklahoma and eastern Texas (Conant and Collins, 1998). Green Frogs are absent from the southern half of Florida, from much of central Illinois (a distribution Smith [1961] termed puzzling), and from half a dozen scattered counties in north-central Arkansas. Geographic isolates occur in western Iowa, northern Utah, and in several locations in the state of Washington (Stebbins, 1985; Leonard et al., 1993). Green Frogs have been introduced in the states of Washington and Utah, and in western Iowa." -

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