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What Are The Giants Doing? David Diehl Joins The NFL Roundtable | The Lefkoe Show

Well look who it is joining Lefkoe and Brian Westbrook for the Wednesday NFL Roundtable: 2x Super Bowl champion with the Giants, David Diehl! Folks, we're talking serious football topics (Leonard Williams trade, Teddy Bridgewater's future, and how the Bengals did Andy Dalton dirty) for the first half, and then things start to meander into a whole host of unexpected topics. 

00:25 David Diehl joins the Roundtable!
2:00 The Giants are in Limbo as a franchise and the Leonard Wiliams deal proves that
7:00 Are the Giants trying to rebuild or are they trying to win right now?
8:30 Westbrook and Diehl remembering playing against each other
11:15 Diehl says Eli was crazy good at picking up defenses
12:40 Aqib Talib Traded to the Dolphins
14:40 Lefkoe thinks Rams might have known Talib wasn’t coming back off IR and that’s why they traded him
16:10 What are the Bengals going to do with Andy Dalton?
19:20 Diehl thinks the Bengals are tanking after benching Dalton
21:45 How much will Teddy Bridgewater get paid after this season?
27:20 Diehl on playing for the same QB his whole career
32:30 How did the Giants game-plan for the Eagles and Westbrook?
34:10 Do O-lineman get jealous of other teams that run a lot of screens?
35:30 The lineman Diehl get excited about watching
38:00 The Jets and the Jamal Adams situation
42:45 Michael Bennet to Cowboys, will he be a fit in the locker room?
45:00 Lefkoe thinks the Redskins are no longer a franchise trying to win
51:20 We’re going to the Cup!
51:45 If the current you could talk to yourself before your first NFL practice what advice would you give? And would former you listen to that advice?
58:00 Someone offers you a job Monday-Friday for 8hrs a day where all you do is stare at the clock, what would your salary have to be.
1:00:40 If Madden graded Diehl and Westbrooks life skills, what attribute would they be a 99 in?
1:02:00 Diehl and Westbrooks go to karaoke songs
1:04:00 Karaoke horror stories
1:09:24 How often do you find yourself tugging at your t-shirt?
1:14:00 How motivated angry 4th graders would Quenten Nelson be able to take on?
1:17:30 Which current player will be the next Tony Romo in the broadcast booth?
1:22:50 If every team had Mitch Trubisky as their starting QB, who would be the Super Bowl favorites?

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