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Ex-Prisoner Murdered in Barataria

A Morvant man was shot dead, just one month after being released from Prison. Nicholas Fortune, also known as 10 cents, was killed as he sat in a Hyundai Elantra, outside Siebert Bar in Barataria shortly before midnight on Saturday.

According to reports, Fortune and a relative made a stop by the bar to buy beers, when another vehicle pulled up. The gunmen targeted Fortune and shot him multiple times. He died at the scene of the shooting.

The gunplay also saw two patrons in the bar hit. They were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Science Centre where they were said to be in a stable condition.

Fortune, 32, was released from prison last week after spending eight years behind bars as he faced trial for the 2008 murder of Jason Hoyte. He was found not guilty of the charge last month and was released.

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