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Andrew Collins- Beneath the Pyramids & The Cygnus Star-Gate

2016-View in HD - Earth-Keeper Presents Internationally Acclaimed British Best-Selling Author & Academic Researcher Andrew Collins on 'The Mysteries Beneath the Pyramids & Cygnus Star-Gate'. Filmed live at the December 2015 Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Event Before a Live Audience of 500+ Attendees. Andrew Provides an Utterly Astonishing Presentation on his Rare Explorations of the Caves Beneath the Giza Plateau in Search of the 'Lost Hall of Records' as Stated to Exist Below the Sphinx at Giza by the Edgar Cayce Readings. His Presentation Includes Amazing Photos & Video Film Clips of the Below Ground Tunnels, as well as a Fascinating Discussion of the Cygnus Star-Gate, Swan Symbolism & Thoth. Absolutely Worth Watching !!! Incredible Information. Watch in HD Full Screen for Best Resolution. Music Credits - David Bowie Covers - Starman & Space Oddity & James Tyberonn
Star-Gate Video Productions - All Rights Duly Reserved 2016

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