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We Got David Wise for DKC's 25th! Favorite Tracks, Tropical Freeze Origins, GBA Ports, & More!

Donkey Kong Country is nearly 25 years old! So David Wise, the game's main composer, joined us to discuss the soundtracks legacy, and a ton of behind-the-scenes details including the story behind his favorite tracks such as Aquatic Ambiance and Stickerbush Symphony, how he made the music sound so good on SNES, what his favorite track is, and whether he might work on a future DKC! All this and tons more in our 25th anniversary interview with David Wise!

➤ Watch our Interview with Gregg Mayles, DKC's Lead Designer:
➤ Watch our Interview with Character Designer Steve Mayles & DKC's Lead Designer, Chris Sutherland:

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➤ Thanks to LongPlayArchive for use of their footage!


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