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Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About Periods

"It is totally okay to take a nap on your period - you deserve it!"

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Young woman eating a healthy oatmeal after a workout.
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Perplexed woman checking phone looks at camera
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happy pregnant woman with tablet pc in bed
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Woman having stomach issues / problems while lying on the couch.
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Female suffering from lower abdominal pain, having cystitis or periods, health
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Doctor and patient are discussing something
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Black Woman Looking into Fridge For Midnight Snack
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Young Black Woman Texting With Smartphone In Bed
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Beautiful Hispanic Girl Feeling Pain During Period
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Sad Young Woman With Problems Emotions And Feelings
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Beautiful Young African American Woman Waking Up In Bed
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Young woman doing yoga in studio
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Bored woman working with a laptop
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Hands of a teenager take french fries. Burgers, chicken wings, french fries on tray in a fast food restaurant. Unhealthy food
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Woman sitting on the toilet with phone close up
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Woman crossing off the days of her menstruation planning control birth concept on a calendar
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Depressed female executive sitting at desk 4k
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Pouring Opiates Into Hand Slow Motion Extreme Close Up
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Man hands breaking dark chocolate. Dark chocolate bar. Chocolate pieces
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Young woman with stomach ache
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Teenage girl suffering from depression
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Dr. Natasha Bhuyan

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