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251 - Creation Restored / In the Stream of Time - Walter Veith

Why is there conflict between Christianity and evolution? Are religion and science compatible? Is it possible to be a Christian evolutionist? Many feel that to reject evolution is to choose scientific ignorance. Is that the case? Is the Genesis Creation account to be taken allegorically to make room for evolution?

Though Charles Darwin started off in his academic career with the goal of becoming a clergyman, he couldn’t reconcile the idea of a beneficent Creator with the violence he saw in the natural world. The more he studied nature, the more he doubted the Bible. Eventually, he concluded that Scripture was not a reliable source of information, there was no revelation and never had been, and there was no God. These conclusions seemed reasonable in view of his scientific observations. It was easier for him to accept survival of the fittest as an explanation than try to understand evil in a world created by a good God. Did Darwin miss something?

How does the study of epigenetics shed light upon the Creation-Evolution debate? In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at genes and the factors that influence their expression. Does the Bible have any scientific support for its Creation account?

The Bible tells us that Creation will one day be restored to its Edenic glory. Is this an impossible story, or is there scientific evidence to support its likelihood? If there is, then we have a choice to make.

The Clergy Letter Project 1:06
What it takes to be a "Bright" 4:50
Evolution Weekend in London 8:07
Creationism in the Bible 8:55
Evolutionary process decays 13:33
Charles Darwin's Evolutionary Theory 14:00
What Darwin missed 17:01
Darwin's use of parasites refuted 26:22
The Science of Epigenetics 29:14
Parasites are a reminder of the creation story 34:15
Mosquitos, wasps, & bees 38:16
Diet can have effect on anatomy 42:23
Carnivores: Do tooth structure dictate whether an animal is a carnivore? 43:20
What the structure of fish tell us about the flood 50:09
Lions, wild dogs, birds of prey, and more 55:11
Is it possible that Lions were once vegetarian? 1:05:03
Animal protein vs. Plant protein experiment 1:10:04
Disproving evolution by anatomy 1:17:10
What Darwin missed (Continued) 1:21:52

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