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Mirrors - Justin Timberlake Cover by Dena (HD1080p)

嗨大家好! 我是張粹方, 但是大家都叫我Dena:)
人生中第一部MV就這樣在我姊, 和一些超有才華的朋友們共同努力之下完成了...原本以為不可能的任務, 竟然實現了!! 真的由衷的感謝所有幫助我支持我及鼓勵我的人:)
這次的MV都是我們的第一次, 請大家多多指教哦!

hey peeps! i'm sorry it took THIS long for me to upload a new video! finally right?! haha
so this is kinda like a surprise for some of you:)
this video would not exist if it wasn't for my sister, some of my awesome friends, and a CAMERA. It's literally our first time filming and producing, and i'm pretty proud and excited already!
again, i could not thank you all enough for watching this video and supporting me...
THANKYOU all my dear friends:)

Xoxos Dena


只要發摟以下三個步驟, 就有機會獲得Dena第一次拍MV的屬名簽名照+精美的禮物一份!

1. 為Dena Youtube 的訂閱者
2. 為Dena 臉書的粉絲
3. 公開分享此影片(不然我看不到:( )

活動將會在下周日8/4 半夜截止, 我們也將隨機選取其中一位幸運兒!

我們會持續陪著Dena一同成長, 築夢! 也歡迎你們一起踏上這趟旅程哦!

world wide GIVEAWAY! :
To enter, please be sure you're subbed to my channel, liked my Facebook, and SHARE this video. yup, it's just that simple!

the WINNER will get a photo signature of Dena (she'll write your name on it! )and a special gift as well!
good luck everyone!

Audio Recording & Arrangement(錄音+編曲): Dena
Drums Arrangement(鼓): Xibank Lin

Video Producing(拍攝後製): 彼得先生

Graphic Art Works(平面設計): Jessica
Photography(拍照): Jessica
Outfits(服裝): Juby CHIU studio + Lucy
Mirrors Music Original: Justin Timberlake

Social Media Sites (社群網站)

FB Fanpage (臉書粉絲專業)-

Reverb Nation Page (mp3 瀏覽)-

Instagram -


Mirrors cover - Justin Timberlake Cover by Dena Chang me singing with guitar girl version

justin timberlake mirrors acoustic cover 翻唱 seven eleven keep in touch city cafe 女孩 自彈自唱 dena chang 張粹方

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