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She Has a Vampire Tooth!!

see Adley's secret room in her Box Fort --


Best Dentist Day Ever 766

Every day should start of this way, with a surprise. Not for me, but me surprising others. A little while ago a buddy of mine brought in some rings and I asked you all to vote on which ones you thought I should get. We'll the results came in and I got Jenny and I some matching rings. I also got Holladay a ring with 100 dollar bills and gold in it. So I surprised them both this morning with their new rings.

Its then off to the airport to fly to San Diego for the Social Media Marketing World conference. Everything was going great till I forget one of my bags on the other side of security.

Jenny then takes Adley to the dentist for the first time. She does amazing.

Albert and I, now in California, check out a party on a US Aircraft carrier. Lots of cool old planes on board and crazy food, like frozen popcorn.

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Here's some stuff we use:
Wide Lens:
Zoom Lens:
Cool Longboards:
Sweet Keyboard:
Rad Headsets:
DXRacer Chairs:
Other HyperX Stuff:

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