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Cardio vs Weights (Fitness Influencers LIE to YOU!)



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‘Cardio vs Weights’ & all your cardio questions answered in this video!

Should I do cardio before or after weights?
How much cardio should I do if I want to lose weight?
Is cardio better than weights for fat loss?
I want to grow my booty but I also want to lose belly fat, so should I lift weights or do more cardio?
What’s the best cardio workout to grow a booty?
Is the stepper good cardio for the glutes?
I want to lose fat but I don’t want my booty to shrink, so how much cardio should I do?

Ahhh, It's the age-old fitness conundrum... cardio vs weights, which is better?

Whether you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, grow a booty or get rid of your belly fat... I'm going to give you my honest, no BS answer to this burning question of ‘cardio vs weights’, once and for all.

Because all these fake fitness influencers are LYING to you and you deserve the TRUTH!

If you liked my video, ‘The Truth About The Fitness Industry’, then this ‘Cardio vs Weights’ video is basically Part II and I don’t hold back! Watch this video to learn more about what really happens behind the scenes of the fitness industry and how it’s affecting your mental health:

And if you’re doing cardio because you think it’s the best way to burn fat, think again! You NEED to watch this fat loss video:

If you’ve struggled to lose weight and get rid of your belly fat with the typical ‘eat less move more’ approach, then my FAT LOSS EBOOK is the ONLY guide you will ever need to finally get REAL & LASTING results. Check it out here:

We all want a nice round perky booty, am I right? Forget cardio! If you want to get REAL booty gains and finally start seeing ACTUAL results, this is the ONLY video you NEED to watch (I GUARANTEE no one else has shown you these tips!):

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Shell x

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