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TOP 10 Reasons to become a PILOT

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Being an airline pilot is one of the very few glamorous and sought after jobs one could do.

Apart from the awesome perks and benefits a pilot gets... the job itself is very interesting and very dynamic, with no two days being the same .... Unlike most 9 to 5 desk jobs.

Familiarize yourself with the perks of being a pilot by watching this video wherein I mention the TOP 10 reasons why you should consider becoming an airline pilot.

If you wish to skip to each specific points... click on the below timecodes :

0:00 - Intro
0:48 - # 10 Fresh faces everyday
1:30 - # 9 Improves many skills
2:15 - # 8 Show-off on social media
2:46 - # 7 Highly Respected Job
4:14 - # 6 Short course duration
4:52 - # 5 Early start
5:38 - # 4 Travel around the world
6:16 - # 3 Free / Cheap Travel
6:49 - # 2 Amazing Salary
7:05 - #1 TOP reason

In my follow-up video I will be explaining the downsides of being a pilot and will mention 10 reasons why you should NOT consider becoming a pilot.

Happy Landings !

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