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Pile 1 - 02:46; Pile 2 - 11:40; Pile 3 - 17:48
Extended readings:

New cute Merch:

For energy exchange donations - Paypal: [email protected]

For personal readings contact me at: [email protected]
ONE question reading (15 mins) - 30 USD
30 MINUTES reading: two-three questions reading\detailed relationship or job analysis \near future forecast for the next 3 months’ time (30-35 mins) - 55 USD
NEW LOVE - who is coming next to you for singles (30 mins) - 55 USD
SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE\LIFE PURPOSE reading – advice from spirit guides for those, who are on their journey of ascension - (45 mins) 77 USD
GET YOUR ABUNDANCE financial reading – learn what’s stopping you from making more money (45 mins) – 77 USD
GET THE LOVE THAT YOU DESERVE – it will cover who is coming to you next plus what are your blocks in love are and how to attract more love (45 mins) – 77 USD
12 HOUSES SPREAD - a detailed analysis of all spheres of your life for a 1 year timeline. (1 hour) - 111 USD
YOUR KARMIC TASKS according to the Vedic Astrology – 35 UDS
(Please, provide your name, date of birth, place of birth and the exact time of birth)
EMERGENCY readings are available – extra fee of 25 USD to the chosen reading type.

I provide prerecorded readings. Please send me an email with your question\situation first and wait for a confirmation from me before making any payments. Please include your name and names of other people involved. Once I have completed your video reading (within 4 working days) I will send the link to the video via your email. Thank you!

* I accept payment via Paypal or Paysend. Refund is possible only if I am not able to do your reading.

**For catmoms and catdads – awesome stylish and safe handmade harnesses made by my friend:

***For entertainment purposes only.

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