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Year of the Writer Tag

This tag may be more about getting to know the writer, but it's amazing how many of my answers actually give background to my story ideas and inspirations.


Steven's Video

Good Writing Advice (That I've Heard)

Bad Writing Advice

1. JANUARY – Explain your channel in six words.
2. FEBRUARY – What are five things you love that aren’t related to writing or books? 3. MARCH – What is one thing you are hopeful for in 2019?
4. APRIL – Explain your current WIP in a terrible way… have fun with this one!
5. MAY – What’s your favorite flower?
6. JUNE – What are your plans for the summer months?
7. JULY – Tell everyone where you’re from.
8. AUGUST – When is your birthday and how old will you be?
9. SEPTEMBER – How do you plan on juggling writing with a full time life?
10. OCTOBER – What is your favorite holiday and why?
11. NOVEMBER – Name five things you are grateful for. (Family friends are a given…)
12. DECEMBER – What is worst (and best) advice that you have been given as a writer?



A serialized tale of antiheroes and miscreants with devious abilities--and the souls, unfortunate or otherwise, that get caught up in their paths.

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