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WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Ira Giorgetti

Ira Giorgetti shares his expectations for web host ‘easy, simple, to the point, with fast customer support and good pricing for the offer.’ That`s why his choice is WPX Hosting.
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My name is Ira Giorgetti. I am a

commercial and editorial photographer

based out of my little studio here, out

in West London and I just wanted to say

that WPX is probably the best hosting

site I have used in the entirety of my

business. I run my main site

from there, as well as a

few other sites. The support is great,

they'll do anything for you literally. I

have asked them to edit like PHP files

I couldn't access via WordPress and they

do it in like two minutes.

Any changes I have to make, or any help,

or support I need they're always there

which is something I never got from

WPEngine or Bluehost which are

my previous hosts. WPX also made it super

duper easy for me the transfer, which is

not what I went through when I went from

Bluehost the WP Engine. Even

like migrating sites from within WPX,

a different domain or whatever in WPX

was super easy.

My website is faster. I don't know how

much faster versus WP Engine, but

definitely faster than Bluehost. The

dashboard is easy and it doesn't have 500 000

menus the way Bluehost and

Hostgator does when I checked it out. I

don't know what else to say really, I

think that what makes it such a great

product is the fact that I don't think

about it. I mean no one wants to think

about their hosting. They want it to be

easy, simple, to the point, with fast

customer support and honestly really

good pricing for the offer. Yeah,

if you need a host for your WordPress

site there's no one I could recommend

more than WPX. I've been making my own

websites as well as making them for

other people as well and WPX is my


host. Has been since I started hosting

with them and I haven't seen anything

else that can compare. So, I head over to

Google just type WPX and you will see

their website and sign up today.

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