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LIFT POD - Lift Well International

At Lift Well, we believe that Innovation has driven, and will continue to drive, the revolution of unconventional resource plays. We believe that artificial lift technology needs to follow this pace of innovation, and WE want to be at the edge of this artificial lift technology revolution.

The team of engineers at Lift Well has developed a revolutionary unconventional solution for unconventional wells: the “Lift Pod”. The Lift Pod is an artificial lift system in a box, which delivers an uncompromised compact design and offers a completely new artificial lift method that requires NO downhole equipment.

The Lift Pod has been made possible with the development of the concept of the liquid-assisted gas-lift technology. After several years of research, this unique and revolutionary concept has been implemented in the proprietary software embedded in the Lift Pod computer unit.
The Lift Pod uses its controller and software to deliver an optimized gas-liquid mixture, which gradually changes the density of the circulating fluid flow in the wellbore. The gradual change of density enables the removal of heavier fluids, including sand, out of the wellbore, without the need of high-pressure equipment at the surface or ANY downhole equipment.

As the density of the circulating fluid is automatically decreased, the bottomhole pressure falls below the reservoir pressure, which enables the reservoir to start producing. Even higher production can be achieved as single-phase gas can be injected in the well without the risk of multipointing, as no valves are needed. The Lift Pod also enables the application of chemicals from the TOE such as corrosion and scale inhibitors. And of course, all this can be achieved without human intervention or monitoring, as the Lift Pod system has been designed and validated to operate autonomously.

The pressure, temperature, and flow rate sensors deliver precise measurements of the circulating fluids in the well, providing reliable data about the well and high-precision data for data analytics technology.

The Lift Pod is the beginning of a true revolution for artificial lift technology that we have been working towards for many years, where innovation and technology maximize the production of unconventional wells.

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