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Ruelle ft. Fleurie - Carry You (Official Video)

I wanted to create something that sheds light on the goodness of humanity in the midst of what seems like a lot of darkness. I have always believed that people in their ugliest, most hateful states have all been wounded in some way, at some point in their lives. I wanted to portray the common threads in humanity: We all feel pain. We all believe in something...and that more than ever, we should be coming together to lift one another up, not tearing each other down. It’s about the beauty of people coming together regardless of their differences.

This song was written with good friends Lauren (aka Fleurie) and Matt Bronleewe (who also produced “I Get to Love You”). Lauren
and I both knew after hearing the final version of the song that we had to create something visual for it, and I just couldn’t get Iceland out of my head. It had been a dream of mine to shoot there, and I knew that this was the perfect song for it. I wanted it to feel more cinematic and scenic in nature than like a music video. I organized a crew, and we flew to a very remote area near Vík, Iceland. We shot the video within a few days. It was freezing cold, but worth every minute. It was certainly an adventure I will never forget.

#Ruelle #CarryYou #Vevo

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