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Mutton Snapper & Lazy Lobster in Key Largo | Catch and Cook

Today the Colorado and Jupiter boys become part of a catch and cook here in Key Largo. We catch mutton snapper and take the snapper to Lazy Lobster for a cook!

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We try to catch some bait in the key largo bay but quickly give up and move to the key largo patch reefs to get bait and catch some snapper. In 40ft on the reef edge off key largo we quickly found ballyhoo and loaded up on live bait. These ballyhoo are great bait to catch mutton snapper.

I send down a butterflied ballyhoo and quickly we hook up to a mutton snapper. Fish on! What a great start to this fishing episode on the South Florida Fishing Channel. Now it's set in stone that this is a catch and cook.

With one mutton snapper in the ice box we keep fishing and having a great time. We catch some yellowtail snapper and another nice mutton snapper. We also battle a barracuda at one point. They want to catch our fish while we're patch reef fishing!

The bottom fishing at 40ft quickly turns into us going out to 130ft to do some bottom fishing. However while fishing for snapper the current and waves really picked up. So we head back to do a little bit more of patch reef fishing before we get to cook snapper at the lazy lobster in key largo.

The Lazy Lobster will cook your fish. If you catch snapper and looking for a place that will cook snapper then lazy lobster is the perfect place to take your fish! What a great day in the florida keys!

I hope you enjoyed this Mutton Snapper and Lazy Lobster in Key Largo Catch and Cook fishing episode on the South Florida Fishing Channel. I have some awesome fishing videos in production! Please leave a like and comment to show your support. Thank you!
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