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My pet squirrel, Sandy. Snuggling, biting, playing, licking, yawning, and being generally cute.

To see more videos of this baby squirrel, check out my youtube channel! On September 21st, after a big rain storm here in Austin, TX, I found this baby squirrel in my backyard. She had fallen from her nest in the pecan tree. Both of her eyes were open and she was fully covered in fur, so I'm guessing about five weeks old. I brought her inside, dried her and warmed her up, and fed her puppy formula for the first week. She was very small and underweight when I found her - weighing 6 grams. By the second week, she was able to handle solid foods. Sandy is about 2 months old now and just as happy as she can be.

I have kept rats for over ten years, and I was raised with a macaw, so the transition to squirrel has been an easy one. Squirrels have the same sort of life span as a domestic cat - about 18 years. They also play similar to cats and have about the same amount of energy - lots of play, lots of sleep. They are similar to parrots in that they're canopy dwellers - they like to drop everything on the floor. The also chew and tear up about the same amount as parrots. Squirrels enjoy playing on cat towers or bird perches. They like a diverse diet - nuts, seeds, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, bark, wood, calcium supplements (or bone to chew on). She'll also eat...your pizza, your sandwich, your breakfast bar, and drink out of your cup, if she can get away with it.

Squirrels make great pets, if you're a good squirrel owner and know what you're doing.

Please do not bring a wild animal into your home the way I did, unless you have experience with raising exotic pets. If you find a wild animal, please take it to your local wildlife rescue organization.

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