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MP15 Switch Engine Working Afton Yard & Huhtamaki. Boxcar Graffiti & N&W Signals, Short Line Train

Railroad switching action on an industrial railroad spur in Ohio! Huhtamaki, Batavia and Afton railroad yard switching action! Small switcher locomotive MP15DC teams up with GE B36-7 to shove a cut of boxcars with graffiti into Huhtamaki in Batavia, Ohio. Listen to these locomotives working and think about how these 4 axel units are disappearing from Class 1 railroads. 6 axel units are the only things being built anymore so catch these awesome locomotives while you can. In 10 years, who knows where they will be. Norfolk Southern owns this branch line and leases it to Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. These 2 locomotives are the work horses for CCET since GP49 #2807 recently headed out west. First we see the locomotives headed west running light at Williamsburg, Ohio. They were returning from making a drop at Cohen Recycling in Macon, Ohio. Then we see 4 track Afton Yard with the old out of service N&W colour position lights. Next they are shoving an 11 car cut west toward Huhtamaki. Then we see them shoving into the plant and reversing and going forward as they switch the tracks and shove into the building. The small switcher just arrived recently and is a MP15DC. It replaces GP49 #2807. The other locomotive is a General Electric B36-7 that was obtained from TTI Railroad of Paris Kentucky last year. They have another one of these units but it has only been test ran one time and that was back in March, 2019 and it had some issues. Filmed May 28, 2019AD. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE TO JAWTOOTH!!

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