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Acres - Write Home


Artist: Acres
Song: Write Home
Album: Single 2013
Location: South Coast, United Kingdom
Genre: Ambient/Melodic Hardcore

Label: Small Town Records

I know that we're in trouble here
And that people had their doubts
They say that everyone, everywhere deserves someone dear
But I just have no faith in that
So I will bandage your wounds
I'll cover your hurt
Take back what I said
Things you did not deserve
But now three days later
And I've still had no word
No message or warning
Of things you have learned

Days turn to weeks
And I forget your face
I'm sorry my love
I lie here disgraced
So I'll do this for you
I need you to feel it
It will hurt but it will heal
So I hope you believe it
Don't say goodbye
There's just no good to it
This space in my chest
Desperate to fill it
And the feeling of sinking goes on
It goes on
Until I reach your shore
There is nowhere I'd rather belong

As we sat there on the bench at night
We talked about our lives under street light,
You sat there you smiled
No we'll never, we'll never grow old
But the past is the past and I learned from the last
Time that we were close I'm now on my own
And you'll sit there, you'll smile
And think about the time that I called you mine
You were mine

Well it seems there is nothing I can do
No there is nothing I can do
Reaching out to touch it
So desperate just to clutch it
My knuckles turn to white
And my blood begins to drip to the floor

So where is your compassion dear?
Do you have to hide it away?
Is there something you have trapped deep inside?
Like a bird in a cage
Desperate for you to set free
Now I'm starting to wonder here
Darling, if your heart is so small
(There's no relief)
That if we kept on going in circles
It would shrink and it would fade
Until there was nothing
No heart at all

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