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Rush Limbaugh Bashes 'Journalistic Malpractice' Attacking GOP Over Gov't Shutdown

9/30/13 - Rush Limbaugh took the media to task Monday for foisting all the blame of a potential government shutdown on Republicans. He mocked pieces like The Washington Post's "You will no longer be able to watch this baby panda online if the government shuts down" and this Associated Press articlefor basically saying Republicans want a shutdown and "hate the zoo" and all the rest of it.

Limbaugh predicted in the next few days the media would write piece after piece about all the programs getting shut down during the shutdown and blaming Republican intransigence on the whole thing. He referred to the AP article above as "basically a press release from the Democrat party" that accuses Republicans of hating Obama so much they're willing to let millions of people go without health care.

"It's just flat-out journalistic malpractice. There is no pretense--there's not even an objective pretense here to portray the Republican position on this anywhere near accurately."

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