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Alita Battle Angel Sculpture timelapse - Clay to Silicone

Alita Battle Angel, full size silicone bust, sculpting by Nicholas Brown (That's me!)
This took a long time, and was very expensive. My first silicone pour failed, and that platsil is pricey stuff! Really hope you guys like the final outcome. Still learning with this silicone, but it's just fantastic stuff! Comment, share, like, let me know what you guys think of the work.

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Big thank you to Isidor for allowing me to use his music! Track: "Touch the Sky"
Isidor's Soundcloud:
Isidor on FB:

And thank you to Fourthsealstudios for the custom Alita eyes! Top quality work!

#Alita #alitabattleangel #sculpture #timelapse

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