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HUGE DOLLAR TREE HAUL: September 2015 + Fan Giveaway

What would I do without a DOLLAR TREE in my life???? I don't know.
But I'm so glad I get to share this super HUGE DOLLAR TREE HAUL: SEPTEMBER 2015 with you!
The Dollar Tree is FINALLY starting to put up Halloween Decor and I have hauled some of those items for you to see here today. Plus some more Fall decor, household items, a beauty item, and a few stationary items as well....PLUS...another FAN GIVEAWAY!!!

Tiffany Arpin you have won my Fan Giveaway prize of Halloween Duct Tapes!! I love Halloween sooooo freaking much just like you!
email me at [email protected] so I can I send these to you ASAP!

there is still time left - giveaway ends September 6th 12am CST
click here!!

:::::::Check out my Fall Leaves Mason Jar Tutorial:

--------want to see my favorite DIY off all freaking time?-------
Check out my Spell Book/Book of Shadows DIY:

For Business inquiries please email me at:
[email protected]

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