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Fixing Mistakes in Your Knitting: Laddering Down a Span of Stitches

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Knitting SOS - Fixing mistakes from a previous row by laddering down a span of stitches, rather than ripping back entire rows.

Jump directly to a specific place in the video:
Introduction: 0:00
What is laddering down 0:19
IDing the sts to correct: 1:31
Dropping off the sts and Laddering down 2:44
Recapturing the stitches 4:00
Checking the stitch mount 4:32
Managing the drooping ladder "rungs" 5:34
How to knit stitches from the connected strand 7:17
Purling sts from the connected strand 8:30
Tips for dealing the final st when there's not much slack - knit 10:00
Not much slack - purl 10:56
Resuming the work once you are finished knitting back up 11:30
Done - adjusting the tension 11:52
Limits to number of sts/rows that can be laddered down 12:31

This month's theme is Knitting SOS (May Day! May Day!)

Fixing Mistakes video playlist:

If you have questions about this video, or suggestions for future videos, please let me know down in the comments or on social media.

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