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Winter Fishing HUGE BAITS For GIANT MUSKIE! My BIGGEST Yet?! (river monster)

Thanks for the continued support on the 50 state trip - things are really coming together and I'm stoked!!!

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This was one of those trips where you've only got a little bit of time left to fish and you stumble across a honey hole....epic.
As I was saying at the end, if you want to check out Dennis' or Mark's baits, they'll both be at Musky Max in Pittsburgh. Wish I could make it this year, but planning to leave for the 50 state fishing trip March 1st.

Also, forgot to mention - Dennis is putting together a pretty sweet project called "The Obsession" over on his youtube channel. It's about why we musky fish, and it's some insanely well edited stuff so make sure you go check him out here-

Thanks for watching


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