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Luc Arbogast ! Incroyable Chanteur médiéval et candidat the Voice 2 sur TF1 en 2013.

Luc Arbogast Bouzouki and medieval music as a street musicians before becoming a celebrity.Amazing awesome singer who brings you in an ancient travel with his unique voice.
Playing sometimes Hurdy Gurdy and singing in the old streets of an ancient town with traditional tunes he is a real troubadour or minstrel and trouveres.These musicians who used to sing for the kings and queens of france and england.
Regards #hurrykenproduction

Luc arbogast Live

Château de Sarzay




Aux couleurs du moyen age

Compagnons du Gras jambon !

Fouées et artisans


Jazz oriental quartiers rouges


More Videos From Le Banquet du Roy

The band : Aux couleurs du moyen age

Ethnomus.Medieval band with Games of Thrones cover

Bagpipes Chinon and Loches Chauvigny



Derviche Tourneur

Aymeric Jullien

The Crwth

Scotland scottish Music

6 medieval tracks
Découvrez les 4 autres albums de Luc Arbogast !

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