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TF2: How to make a goomba stomp

"HowTo" Playlist:
Player: xTime from Israel , mario style

How to submit demos:

I am looking for funny gameplay moments, epic fails, from competitive game, lobby, mix ,highlander, public. Prefer 6x6 game action :)

1. Rename demo nick_tick_country.dem , example siN_10000_Lithuania.dem
2. Upload the demo to
3. Add description with your action ( example: i blow up myself with the rocket ) if you could attach video file(recorded with fraps or any other software) with your action that would be awesome ( upload in youtube as unlisted ).
4. If you came up with the title How to .... that would be great too.
5. State from what country you are.
6. Send demo file to youtube PM or [email protected]

Music: Super Mario Bros - Overworld

Thanks siN!

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