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Indian Petmom Thursday Vlog | Morning To Evening Routine | MommyNFlurry Tale | Amazon shopping

Indian Petmom Thursday Vlog | Morning To Evening Routine | MommyNFlurry Tale
Hi All,
Today Indian Petmom brings to you Thursday Vlog - a Morning To Evening Routine by MommyNFlurry Tale. In our vlogging channel we vlog about different aspects of life, it includes different tips and information related to pets and shih tzus, we showcase few easy to use beauty tips, affordable skin care. But today is a vlogging day where we vlog the entire Thursday of Indian Petmom which will definitely show you the Morning to Evening routine of Indian Petmom. This Thursday Vlog should let you know how Indian Petmom spends her day. Indian Petmom talks about Amazon shppping, gobi aloo (cauliflower potato) sabji and a regular Thursday routine from Morning to Evening. Hope you like this edition from MommyNFlurry Tale and like, share, comment and subscribe.

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We Sreedipa & Flurry , the mommy daughter duo “MommyNFlurry Tale”, this is our Youtube channel where we document random events of our lives including Family outings, Fashion tips, Budget friendly Home Décor, Cooking, Baking, Affordable Makeup, skincare Lifestyle and many more. We promise to bring loads of interesting and informative contents to this channel and entertain all our viewers, we will definitely share our experience of growing up together to help other fur babies, pet moms/Dads and first time pet parents to bond better. We really hope this will add tons of fun and laughter to your life and make it more PAWSOME.

Please extend your love and support which will motivate us to do better, and feel free to share your feedback and ideas to help us bring more to the plate.

Let’s be PAWSOME

Wags & Hugs

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