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Yvette felarca arrested on Telegraph Avenue at approximately 2:30 p.m. (part 1)

I will never monetize but please like And subscribe. **All my videos and content are Creative Commons that means they're open-sourced you're free to download them, edit them, redistribute them however you feel** I will never ask for Federal Reserve notes on this channel. Anti elite anti nwo biased. Pro human, i pledge to Christ alone, so I'm not a nationalist. But won't disrespect someone's flag, or nationalism. I'm very Pro Constitution minus the red Amendment.
This is a raw unedited feed, as Joey Gibson with Patriot prayer march from #SproulPlaza at #UCBerkeley down Telegraph Avenue and head towards #People'sPark.
Please read
The creature from Jekyll Island
JFK versus the Federal Reserve
The Communist Manifesto
The protocols of Zion (nearly the same as communist Manifesto)
The red Amendment by LB Bork
The new Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon.
Do a little bit of studying in esoteric, secret societies and some of their methods of how they divide and conquer.
Above all love our creator first, and love each other.

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